We can assist businesses when they wish to employ someone from outside of their organisation or if they are considering promoting someone from within.


Psychometric Testing

Using psychological tests to determine the suitability of candidates for a vacancy is becoming much more prevalent these days. Although most people feel that they are good judges of character and suitability, we are all affected by our own set of values that can often get in the way of objective assessment.


Applicant versus Employer

At Careers For Me™, when we provide an individual with a vocational assessment, we are charged with the task of determining what jobs they would be suitable for. When assessing job applicants for an employer, the situation is reversed - our role is to determine which individuals, from a set of candidates, are suitable for the vacancy. 

We use slightly different tests but the concept is the same.  At the end of the day, we want to arrive at an objective, scientific result.


Better the devil you know

It is easier to justify psychometric testing when considering employing a stranger, but what about when considering an existing employee for promotion within your organisation?

Jack is an excellent engineer, so when his manager leaves you promote him to the vacant position. Well Jack may be technically brilliant but that does not necessarily mean that he will be a good manager.   If Jack is not suited to this role, you run the risk of making him unhappy and the people under his charge.

It is unfortunate that technical gurus usually have to move on to management positions to keep advancing within an organisation.   Not all can make a successful transition.

How can we help?

Give us a call on 07 3832 0077 to find out how we can make psychology work for you. 

The investment outlay will pale by comparison with the costs of hiring and firing the wrong people.  As well as the direct monetary cost, you will often suffer in the areas of customer relations and staff morale.  Can you afford that?

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