Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vocational assessment?
A vocational assessment involves answering some questionnaires and completing some tests to analyse your abilities, interests and personality. This information is then used to identify careers you would be most suited to. 
Who can benefit from a vocational assessment?
Although such an exercise would be useful for almost anyone, the main target groups are those:
  • Seeking to change careers.
  • Choosing their first career. This can be very useful in selecting school subjects and tertiary courses.
  • Returning to the workforce after an extended absence. For example a parent who has taken time off to raise children. When the children start school, the parent is often left wondering whether they will be able to restart their career or whether they should consider something different. Their needs are likely to have changed.
The cost of the assessment seems a bit high. Why is that?
  • We only use the best tests available and the forms for these are quite expensive.
  • The results are analysed and interpreted by a qualified psychologist, not a computer or receptionist.
  • A substantial amount of time is spent tailoring the report to each individual.
  • We do not wish to compromise our service to compete on price. Consider what else you could buy for the same money and we think that you will agree that it is a small monetary investment for something so important.
Why does the assessment take so long?
  • There are 5 aptitude tests that take around 2 hours in total.
  • The career related questionnaires take around 1 hour.
  • The personality questionnaires take over an hour.
This comprehensive set of tests and questionnaires has been chosen to yield the best possible result for you. The aptitude tests are timed but the others are not. Some people will take less time to complete the assessment than others. There is no point rushing - this is an extremely important exercise. It's your future!
Think of how much time we invest in other endeavours such as learning to drive a car, mastering the latest computer game, planning a wedding, buying a home or maintaining the garden. Surely your career is just as important as these things if not more so. 
Do I get any breaks during the assessment?
Yes, you will not be expected to work straight through. 
What do I get for my money?
  • The assessment itself, which takes about 5 hours.
  • A report which explains your results and offers you career options.
  • A feedback session to explain the contents of your report and formulate a plan of action.
What happens after the assessment is finished?
It takes quite a bit of time to analyse your results and prepare your report so we will arrange a convenient time for you to come back for a feedback session to explain the results to you.
What is the report like?
The report is rather comprehensive but is written in such a way that everyone should be able to understand it. The report is completely tailored to you and the career options that would best suit you.
Why should I choose Careers For Me™?
  • We use scientifically proven techniques.
  • We compare your results to those of other Australians, not Americans.
  • Your results are analysed by qualified professionals.
  • We will not rush you to complete the tests.
  • You get a comprehensive yet concise report with a list of career options specifically tailored to you.
  • You get feedback about your report from the person that prepared it.
  • We will help you develop a plan of action.

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