Employment Agencies

In a nutshell, an employment agency seeks to place individuals, that are looking for work, in employment vacancies.  Hopefully both employee and employer will be happy with the result. 


The Individual's perspective

When individuals register with an agency, they specify the sort of job that they are looking for and detail their qualifications. Hopefully, the agency will find an employer who is looking for someone with the individual's skill set, an interview will be arranged and if all goes to plan, a vacancy will be filled.

Unfortunately, a person may attend many interviews and never actually get the job for which they are applying. They may have the right skills but not the passion.


The Employer's perspective

Employers are usually able to identify whether a job applicant really wants a particular role. Technical ability is not enough. There is no point hiring a person and training them if they do not stay for the long term.If an agency continually sends poor applicants for interviews, their reputation will be damaged and employers will be unlikely to use their services on a regular basis.



How can we help?

To maximise the success of matching the correct applicants with employers, agencies can recommend that applicants undergo a vocational assessment to identify whether they are actually suited to the roles for which they are applying.


If they are, they can pursue their chosen vocation in the knowledge that they have made the right choice. The resulting increase in confidence could make the difference. If a person is not suited to the roles in which they indicate an interest, they will need to refocus their efforts. Although this may come as a shock, it is better than continual failure at interview or on the job, resulting in a lack of self esteem.

Act now!


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